Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

March 11, 2018

This document describes the privacy policy for School Assistant. By using the School Assistant application you are agreeing to this policy. This documents applies to both versions of the application: School Assistant; School Assistant +. This document applies exclusively to the application transferred from Google Play Store under the name of the developer Gil Castro.

Contents of your data

Data stored in School Assistant may contain the date of your terms/semesters, subjects, schedule including classes and evaluation events, contacts of classmates and teachers and paths to files and web pages and some other information which the user entered. This data is, by default, in most Android devices, stored locally in a folder only accessible by the application and system components.

Usage of your data by School Assistant

Besides the cases indicated in "Analytics" section, School Assistant does not send your data to any external server, except when the user enables data syncing features, explained in the "Usage of your data by other services" section. Your data is kept in the application folder which, in most Android devices without root access, cannot be accessed by third party applications.

The application allows users to export their data, this data will be exported to a folder that can be accessed by any application so users can use their exported data.


In order to investigate certain issues in the app, understand how users interact with it and improve different aspects of the app, School Assistant sends certain data to Firebase Analytics, data sent does not include user-identifiable information. Firebase is provided by Google, you can check its privacy policy at http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.

When the app crashes or produces an error, it may send certain info such as the device model, operating system version and the last steps taken in the app, these steps do not identify people. These steps are usually very ambiguous such as "button clicked" instead of "sign up button clicked after entering 1234 in the password box".

When the user completes certain tasks in the app, basic data may be sent to Firebase Analytics. At the moment, the only situation this happens is when the user completes the welcome screen: the number of terms, subjects, class types and evaluation types will be sent to Firebase Analytics. This data will be used to understand users' needs when setting up the app.

Usage of your data by other services

The application may allow users to sync their data with external services such as Google Calendar and Google Drive. This synchronization may only include a limited set of the users' data. For more information about how Google uses data sent to them, please check Google's privacy policy: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.

Some Android devices may include applications that can create backups of applications and their data, including School Assistant's, which means they can access users' data.

Starting on Android 6.0, the device will automatically, upon user acceptance, save applications' data to Google's servers in order to create a cloud backup. For more information about this, please check Google's privacy policy: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.

Other information collected

When users access the application manual, the device's language, Android version and application version are sent to School Assistant's website's server for statistical purposes and in order to provide the right language of the manual, if possible.

The free version of School Assistant displays ads, most of these ads are provided by Google AdMod. Google will retrieve some information such as the country and device type. For more information about this please check Google's privacy policy: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.

Application permissions

In order to work properly, the application needs to ask the device or the user permission for certain actions. The tables below describe how and/or why those permissions are used:


read your contacts


This permission is needed to import contacts from your device to the application. This feature is usually used to import teacher or classmate contacts. Once allowed, the application has access to the full contact list of the device, however the application only accesses contacts specified by the user and does not send them to any external service or person unless specified by the user, such as when sharing their exported data, sending a specific item in the app or using the synchronization options.
find accounts on the device


In order to enable syncing with Google Calendar and Google Drive, the application needs to find the users' Google account. This permission allows the app to see the users' account names (usually an email address) and types, this data is only used to find a compatible Google account and link with it in order to sync.


modify or delete the contents of your USB storage


The application needs permission to make changes in your USB storage or SD card when you want it to export backups.
read the contents of your USB storageThe application needs permission to read your USB storage or SD card when you want it to import backups or link to local files.

Other app capabilities

run at startup


The application will run for short period of time when your device boots. During this period, the application will tell the device what time it needs to run again in order to mute your device when classes start, for example.
view network connections


In order to avoid wasting resources, the application needs this permission to check if there is an active network connection before using.
have full network access


The application needs to access the network in order to sync your data, access help contents and display some ads.
control vibration


This permission is needed in order to let the app vibrate your device, for example, to notify you.
prevent phone from sleeping


This is needed in order to let the device allow the application to work while the screen is off. The app may need to run in background for a short period of time in order to check your schedule and act correctly depending on your classes, evaluations and settings. For example, this permission allows the application to mute your device when classes start.
access Do Not Disturb


This is required in order to let the application disable the vibration mode when classes start. If you didn't set the application to disable it, you aren't likely to get asked to allow this.
Google Play license check


This allows the application to check whether or not you transferred the application from the Google Play Store.


If you have more questions concerning School Assistant's privacy policy, please contact me at gilfmcastro@gmail.com.

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