School Assistant Website Agreement

October 10, 2016

This document describes the rules of the School Assistant website. By using this website you are agreeing to this.


Your privacy is important. If you want to know how your data in the School Assistant applications is managed, please read its Privacy Policy.

The next sections describe how your data in handled in this website as well as the usage terms.


The website uses cookies (small text files stored on your device) to memorize certain options set by yourself (example: translators will see an option to hide translated phrases), the language of your browser which you can also change and also to know if you have a session open. This session is associated with an account.

These cookies contain very little information such as "yes" or "no" values, the code of your language or a number that represents your session. This data makes it possible for your browser to act based on the preferences you set yourself and also makes it possible for you to access your account.

User account

Just like in many websites, you can sign up for an account. This account stores the data you entered when you signed up such as your name, email address and password. This data is stored in the internal database of the website, your password is encrypted in the database.

The website may send you emails. Currently, this is only used to help you recover you account in case you forget your password and also validate your email address. In the future, you may opt in to receive other types of emails.

You cannot provide an invalid or wrong email address and cannot use and account to cause harm to the website or users of it.

The administrator may remove your account at anytime, based on inactivity or violation of these terms.


In order to protect and prevent possible cyber attacks, the website logs possibly destructive actions. These logs may be associated with your account an include other information.


As the owner of an account in the website, you may optionally translate phrases using this website, those translations you made are ("Your translations"). Your translations can be seen, used, modified and redistributed by anyone, including you. You are the owner of Your translations and you may remove them, you may also have your name displayed in the applications that use Your translations. Your translations should respect the readers and never advertise anything unless it makes part of the original English phrase.

Each language may have one manager ("Language manager") associated with it. The Language manager may prevent other people from accessing the translation list or translate. If you want to have Your translations removed and are not able to do so, please contact me at gilfmcastro@gmail.com.


The website allows, in some cases, sending messages to registered users in the website. Any message sent by any user cannot include any offensive content or attempt to disturb the normal operation of the website or devices opening such messages. You can report any issues at gilfmcastro@gmail.com.

Usage of your data by other services

Any data stored in our servers is not sent to others. However, the website uses Google services which may store their own cookies, for their privacy policy, please check http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.


If you have more questions concerning this agreement, please contact me at gilfmcastro@gmail.com.

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October 10, 2016

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