Feeling lost with so many classes, exams, reports, presentations, deadlines, tasks, homework, study, stress, lost time, grades to keep up, grades to recover, precious hours of sleep lost, you probably got the idea by now?

What if you could have an assistant?

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More than just an agenda

School Assistant goes beyond the concept of "events". Every student is different and so are their "events". Differentiate class types, homework, tests, reports, exams, etc. Customize how each type of events works for you.

Understand your grades

Wonder how much your last test will change your final grade? School Assistant will let you know and also show you how much you need to achieve your goals.

There's more outside the app

You know that PDF with the things you need to know for the exam? School Assistant lets you attach files and also import contacts from your device so you can easily reach your teammates.

Make it yours

There's a lot to customize in the app. Colors, icons, filters, class types, grade calculation types, etc. Feel free to explore all the customization possibilities!

There's even more

  • Automatically mute your phone during classes
  • See what's next right from your home screen
  • Dashlock extension
  • Sync with Google Calendar* and Google Drive*
  • Tablet support
  • Attendance control
  • Available in over 15 languages**
  • etc.

It doesn't stop here, School Assistant keeps evolving, bringing new features and support for more and more school systems.

*requires School Assistant +

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Get it on Google Play
School Assistant
Get it on Google Play
School Assistant +